Professional Development for Women

You are your own best resource and your own worst enemy. Operate from belief in yourself.” Cori Ashworth

Women face special challenges in their careers. Often they must make difficult decisions balancing professional aspirations and personal values. Cori has coached alumnae at two leading women’s colleges and has dealt with the hurdles they face, identifying creative ways to proceed on their careers and lives. Divorce, elder care, further education, layoffs, medical challenges-all of these are tough to tackle alone.

Cori works with women who are focused on developing and growing rapidly in their careers and who aspire to systematically work on skill development to:

  • Refine their emotional intelligence and communications
  • Manage engagement in their organizations and fields
  • Shift gears to new areas of career opportunity

Are you ready to accelerate your career? Contact Cori for a conversation to explore the possibilities.