Professional Coaching

“Coaching” is focused on forward thinking and taking action to achieve new, incremental, professional goals. This service is for individuals who:

  want to develop professional and leadership skills for rapid career progress;

  have an interest in learning new career management and communication skills; or

  are ready to cultivate professional relationships and gain recognition in their field.

YOU decide on the goals. I work with you to form a strategic plan to accomplish your career goals. Then, we tackle them together.

Professional coaching is a long term commitment you make to yourself. Typically clients meet a minimum of two times monthly for coaching sessions to make incremental changes that build positive momentum.


Cori motivates, supports, challenges and customizes her approach to help me achieve the best combination of career success and work-life balance. She is such an active listener and is able to guide me to build upon my past experience to get what I want and need for my career. Cori encourages my self evaluation, and she is sincere and balanced with her positive and cautionary advice. Cori is also a world class word-smith, and her facility with professional language and tone helps me present my own, but more polished voice! My recent success in transitioning to a leadership role in my field but with more personal flexibility, is a testament to wonderful, collaborative career coaching!  pf

“Amazing changes have occurred in the way I interact on a professional level, since I have been working with Cori as a coach! It has been 3.5 years, and I have found that she has a unique skill set to assist professionals in developing confidence, improving work habits, and tackling hurdles in the workforce. Through her coaching, I have seen a clear improvement in my effectiveness as a leader, as a peer, and as a professional. One of the roles that I fill in a consulting engineering firm is manager of a number of marketing activities. The pace is fast and Cori has enabled me to improve my success in this role.”  W.H.