Professional Coaching

Professional coaching supports managers or new leaders, enabling them to develop insights and refine management skills to more effectively lead their organizations. This coaching is highly individualized and usually takes place over a sustained period. Often coaching includes the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Example of Management Coaching
A vice president wanted to increase her effectiveness in coaching her senior management team. We used the MBTI to consider her personality type and the type of each of her direct reports. Using this information, we then considered the most effective ways for her to work with each individual as well as the team as a whole.
The result: The managers felt heard, the vice president felt more comfortable about what she wanted, and they created guidelines for working with each other, which enhanced communications and operations.  She was promoted the following year.

Example of New Leader Coaching
An upcoming rising star was promoted to a middle management position in a new department. Starting off on the right foot was imperative.


“Amazing changes have occurred in the way I interact on a professional level, since I have been working with Cori as a coach! It has been 3.5 years, and I have found that she has a unique skill set to assist professionals in developing confidence, improving work habits, and tackling hurdles in the workforce. Through her coaching, I have seen a clear improvement in my effectiveness as a leader, as a peer, and as a professional. One of the roles that I fill in a consulting engineering firm is manager of a number of marketing activities. The pace is fast and Cori has enabled me to improve my success in this role.”


—Wendy H. Hubbard, Project Manager
Douglas G. Peterson & Associates, Inc.



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