Payment / Packages

During our initial conversation, we will review your current situation and goals. Based on this we will design a plan for you to advance strongly in your career!

  The majority of clients find a three or six-month package to be most effective, as they need to clarify goals, identify skill(s) to be honed, strategize, and adjust the plan as needed while working on incremental change.

  In some cases, one or two sessions may help you get back on track.


Individual Career Coaching Package
3-month, six-month and one-year plans to work together on your career.
2-3 meetings each month, and intermittent calls, texts and emails as needed.

Professional Development Package
6-month program

PayPal preferred.

If someone you care about is feeling stuck, dealing with an endless job search, or in need of a little inspiration to move forward – consider giving a gift that could make a real difference in his/her life. Contact me for details.