Alumni Career Services

Does your career office need additional support to work with alumni/ae? More and more individuals contact their colleges and universities every day for career support. Their needs are great and their expectations high. Having designed and provided alumnae career services for over twelve years, she is especially qualified to offer this service to client schools.

Based on your individual needs, services may include:

  • One-on-one coaching, by phone or Skype
  • Career-related seminars at locations nationwide, by teleconference or webinar
  • Job-search groups (via teleconference weekly; offered by Cori Ashworth)

The institutions that work with us benefit by:

  • Providing a valuable service to an important constituency
  • Offering cutting-edge consulting and coaching services
  • Reducing the need for additional career staff to address the increased demand for career services

Contact Careeer Continuum
Leading colleges or universities may arrange for programming and coaching. Cori would be happy to discuss your needs. For further information:

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