Coaching/Consulting Services

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want to find a position where you get practical experience in your chosen field, but no one will consider you because you have no experience.
  • You like being the “go-to-person” in your workplace but you resent not being paid for that level of expertise.
  • You are in need of a career change.  While you have several avenues you could explore, you are overwhelmed with the choices or riddled with doubt about taking the leap.
  • You
  • You

IF so, consider yourself invited to a FREE JumpStart coaching session!  Within 15 minutes, we will

  1. clarify major goals;
  2. identify areas that may be self limiting; and
  3. rekindle hope – suggest areas of consideration for promoting your professional growth.
    And, should we decide to work together, I will discount my rate by 10% for the first year.

To follow through, Contact Us and add the word JumpStart in the body of the message.  Include your primary goal for the JumpStart and the best days/times to reach you for a confidential conversation by phone or Skype.

I will reply promptly with an appointment date/time and a couple of thought provoking questions you should consider.

Stuck in a Rut?


What kinds of results are you looking for in life?
If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. If you want DIFFERENT results, try something new.

Yes, that means getting outside of your comfort zone and facing new challenges, but you don’t have to go it alone. Career Continuum provides in-depth, professional coaching that will:

  foster insight on your career
provide guidance for professional growth
  enhance your career.

Connect with Cori for a free consultation; she will suggest ideas to move forward.


Career Launch Package

This package is for the senior or new college undergraduate seeking professional work for the first time. Career Continuum can help you focus on strategic priorities and enhance your personal brand so you move forward with confidence.

Learn more about this specially priced package at our Services page, then connect with Cori for a free consultation to get all your questions answered.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a unique solution to the age-old challenge of how to make positive change in your life. While therapy is focused on the past and insightful consideration of past events, coaching is focused on forward thinking and taking action to achieve new, incremental, professional goals.

Cori works with a diverse range of clientele, including college seniors starting out in the professional world, individuals re-entering the workplace, mid-career changers, those developing their managerial skills at work, and small business owners.

Cori works in partnership with clients to determine needs and objectives that are important to them personally and professionally.

Cori tailors coaching to meet your needs, carefully considering values and professional goals. but often consulting follows these patterns:

  • Individual coaching is usually established for a three-month period or more, to initiate incremental change. Behavior change takes time!
  • Career coaching, involving major shifts, starts with six to eight sessions, to carefully examine personal preferences, values, and goals.
  • Professional development or management coaching clients often meet with Cori over a long period, as trust is established, increasing self-confidence and facilitating steady growth.

Organizational work is based on the goals of the client manager or office. Cori gears timelines to the culture, leaders, and objectives of the organization.

Connect with Cori for a free initial consultation.

“Cori has been of inestimable value to me as a career strategist and management coach. She has the gift of encouragement, but she also keeps driving toward the goal at hand. Cori’s advice made all the difference for me during two recent job searches and in my ability to get a fast, confident start. I like that she integrates the Myers-Briggs profile as a non-threatening tool for self-discovery and behavior change. Above all, Cori sizes up specific needs quickly and always has the perfect next step in mind. For all these reasons, I am continuing to work with Cori as a management coach, now that I am in a new job with immediate and high expectations.”

—Marcia Heath
Director of Marketing and Communications
University of Colorado, Denver Business School