Testimonials for Seven Sisters’ Group Coaching Session

“Cori created a successful structure to guide our career-development work: an admirable balance of her targeted and concise lectures combined with extensive collaborations among the group members during our Zoom calls. There was great value to our group’s meetings for me, and I highly recommend her guidance in reframing your past experience toward your future professional goals.” L T.

 “The 7 sisters group has made such a powerful difference in my life at a time of huge transition and transformation as a mid-career professional.  You have helped me stay grounded and focused on my goals.  The group has also built up my confidence so that I can shift into a more seasoned and higher-level professional who shapes her own destiny.  Thank you so much Cori for your guidance and for creating a safe space of support with similarly-minded, intelligent,  and thoughtful women. I highly recommend this group to anyone and everyone!”  – L.L.