A career is an ongoing, vital component of our satisfaction and happiness in life. As we redefine our values and goals over the years, however, our professional roles evolve. Your career can develop over time to form a continuum of satisfying experiences that will increase your personal sense of accomplishment and well-being and enable you to realize your potential.

Time to refine your career plan? I coach those that are highly motivated to move up in their careers with good planning and steady work. Together we assess who you are, what are your favorite skills and pursuits and put together a strategy to move forward. Most strong careers are planned and carefully orchestrated, with lots of learning and professional development along the way. I conduct current research on your behalf to find new options for your career in your chosen areas. I practice important networking conversations and interviews with you. I work in partnership over the long term and celebrate the successes with you. Be the person you aspire to be in your career!

“You are your own best resource and your own worst enemy. Operate from belief in yourself.” – Cori Ashworth

Services I offer:

  Assessment, MBTI, and various informal tools
  Identify strengths and possible paths for your career, considering your preferences
  Formulate a STRATEGY with you to move forward
  Edit career-related written and social media materials
  Identify organizations and networking opportunities with you
  Practice interviews and thoughtfully prepare for critical networking opportunities
  Recommend methods for marketing and building your professional profile
  Instruct in personal communication and emotional intelligence development
  Guide in preparation for negotiations
  Coach during the initial months in a new role

I focus on guiding people at different junctures of their career continuum.
  Career Consulting
  Professional Coaching 

Note: if you are part of the Seven Sisters Association. check out the group coaching offer.

How you benefit from my services:
   Identify your signature strengths and development opportunities
   Encourage incremental change to accomplish professional goals
   Increase your confidence and maintain strategic focus
   Add to your professional tool box so you are competitively well-positioned

Contact me today for a no-charge initial consultation.  I work with clients via Skype, by email and telephone.