• Need a Career GPS?

    Wherever you are in the career continuum, there is a good chance that something is changing and demanding you change with it.  Careeer Continuum consulting

  • Stuck in a Rut?

    Feeling trapped in a job can lead to depression, anxiety, stress and exhaustion; it’s hard to see a better future. You owe it to yourself

  • Career Launch Package

    This package is for the senior or new college undergraduate seeking professional work for the first time. Career Continuum can help you focus on stategic

  • Helpful Resources

    There are numerous career and professional resources online and in print. Cori regularly reviews books, websites, and thought-leader articles. and adds them to this section

  • What is Coaching?

    Coaching is a unique solution to the age-old challenge of how to make positive change in your life. While therapy is focused on the past


“You are your own best resource and your own worst enemy. Operate from belief in yourself.” – Cori Ashworth

Cori Ashworth focuses on guiding people at different junctures of their career continuum.

Key services offered:
  Career Consulting
  Professional Coaching
  Career Launch Package

Cori also offers Career Services for Alumnae through their Universities; Outplacement Support for Corporations and Organizations; and an on-line Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory. Cori is certified to provide and interpret the MBTI results and report.

A career is an ongoing, vital component of our satisfaction and happiness in life. As we redefine our values and goals over the years, however, our professional roles evolve. Your career can develop over time to form a continuum of satisfying experiences that will increase your personal sense of accomplishment and well-being and enable you to realize your potential.

How you benefit from Cori’s services:
   Identify your signature strengths and development opportunities
   Support incremental change to accomplish professional goals
   Increase your confidence and maintain strategic focus
   Add to your professional tool box so you are ready when change happens.

Contact Cori today for a no-charge initial consultation.  She works with clients in person, via Skype, by email and telephone.

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